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GFNY Italia Course Guide

15 Sep 2021

GFNY Italia La bella Italia, known for its beautiful art, amazing music, delicious food but most important Italia is the birthplace of granfondo. GFNY Italia offers the authentic granfondo experience – controlled course, end-to-end timing,

Performance Testing to Track Improvement

12 Feb 2021

This week in the Training Guide, Coach Christian talks about simple performance testing to monitor improvements. A good training program should be built on hard data and evidence. One of the most important sets of

To Rest Week or not to Rest Week?

05 Feb 2021

In this week’s edition of the Training Guide, GFNY Coach Christian discusses whether or not you should program rest weeks into your training plan. Rest Weeks vs De-load weeks Before we start, it’s important to

No-Stop Nutrition

29 Jan 2021

In this week’s Training Guide, GFNY Coach Christian talks about the benefits of planning hydration and nutrition to minimize or eliminate stops. All GFNY events offer fully-stocked aid stations, where you can refill water bottles,

Wind Racing

22 Jan 2021

Racing in windy conditions is one of the best tests of a cyclist’s ability that there is. To race strongly in the wind takes a complete cyclist. Physically, it requires a bit of everything: sustaining

The Road to the GFNY World Championship: Part 1

16 Jan 2021

In this week’s Training Guide, GFNY Coach Christian checks in on your training for GFNY NYC to help you track your progress and stay on track for May. GFNY NYC is the Crown Jewel of

5 New Year's Resolutions for Cyclists

08 Jan 2021

In this week’s Training Guide, GFNY Coach Christian suggests a few great New Year’s resolutions to incorporate into your training. We’ve gotten through the holiday season, it’s January, and cyclists are starting to think about

Caffeine and the Cyclist

02 Jan 2021

GFNY Coach Christian talks about caffeine in this week’s Training Guide. Cycling and coffee go together hand-in-hand: a pre-ride espresso or a mid-ride coffee stop are almost religious for some cyclists. Caffeine is also a

GFNY Coaching: Post-ride nutrition

18 Dec 2020

GFNY Coach Christian explains the importance of post-ride nutrition in this week’s Training Guide Recovering from hard training sessions in time for the next one is one of the keys of a successful training program.