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Travel Checklist

02 Nov 2018

Travel Checklist

02 Nov 2018

Don’t Seek Perfect Roads, They Won’t Make You as Happy as Imperfect Ones

22 Sep 2018

Two years ago I found myself in the chase group of GFNY Deutschland. One of the key features of that GFNY are its smooth roads. Germans pride themselves on their road infrastructure. Having lived abroad

Inside the Peloton 2018

22 Sep 2018

Breaking the mold By Emma Bishop From a small mountainside town in Ecuador to Connecticut, entrepreneur and single mom of three Paola Ortega is all about setting the bar high and then soaring above

Becoming a GFNY Three timer

22 Mar 2017

Inside the Peloton 2017

22 Mar 2017

Eric Olson Riding Because I Can Eric Olson is riding GFNY to remind himself of the simple challenges his beloved wife faces.   Tracy Olson will never let her husband Eric, 52 take his health

How To Tackle GFNY

04 Jul 2016

Inside the Peloton 2016

22 Apr 2016

Alfredo Ruiz, 45yrs Superman Rides Learning to ride, as an adult can prove quite challenging. Learning to ride as an adult with Parkinson’s disease, now that is the stuff of superheroes. Alfred Ruiz, has

Breaking the Chain (ENG & ESP)

05 Oct 2015

Those who are skeptical of the presence of doping in amateur sport should look to the July 8, 2019 announcement from Europol – concerning a joint operation of 33 countries and multiple agencies (including WADA)

Inside the Peloton 2015

25 Feb 2015

Bill & William Tymms With a little help from my Son Bill Tymms, 52 is riding 60km further than he routinely trains in Melbourne, Australia where it is flat with no Bear Mountain to